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[10 Dec 2007|03:55am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

i'm talking to a boy who has a girlfriend.

this whole mess started out as a drunken slew (like 3rd time ever, give me a break) and i embarrassedly gave him my number. a few weeks later he calls me and says he is getting back together with his ex and but he still wants to chat with me. he basically swoons me over so much he has control of me. it makes me sick because when he talks to be he just pretends like something isnt wrong in the situation but he swears this is odd for him too and he doesnt know what to do. he gets mad when i go out and look good, or hang with other guys but yet he has a girlfriend, and i'm am not her. i like him. sweetest boy in the world. every day tells me how pretty i am, but he isnt letting me onto the other side of his double life and i just feel betrayed all the time because he is so convincing of caring i just let the fact that he's not single slide because he flatters me and our sex is absolutely AMAZING.

he says he cant break up with her because theyve been best friends for so long. recently ive found out he also works for his girlfriends parents, and he is a pretty well off real estate agent. oh yeah, did i mention he is 20? i am 22. i have never had interest in anyone younger than me.

this whole thing is killing me.

im not asking for advise because i already know the right thing to do is to stop seeing him, because i'm not worth him cheating on his girlfriend for, and i deserve something better than this. i just need someone to hear me out cause i'm going crazy over here.

3 who is john galt? $ i am.

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